Sometimes, particularly in the case of large projects, it makes sense to consolidate all the equipment in one location prior to delivery to site. You can have individual items for a project sent directly to us and we will store them, safely and securely, in a group.


Having individual pieces of equipment delivered directly to a site is very risky. There may not always be somebody willing, or able, to receive it, in which case you may incur the cost of arranging another delivery, and there is no guarantee that the same won’t happen again. Let us look after your equipment until arrangements can be made to have it all delivered to site in one go.


Once you deliver a piece of equipment directly to site there is no telling how it will be treated or stored before it is installed. There are any number of ways that it might get damaged. If you send it to us first, we will store it safely and securely, along with any other items, until the time is right for delivery to site.


Rather than going to the expense of shipping individual items straight to site you can have all equipment destined for a project sent directly to us. We will hold it, safely and securely, until you instruct us to deliver it, in one go, to its final destination.